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Caliber teases BOPE assault operator

Published: 02:06, 27 May 2023
1C Game Studios
Caliber - BOPE assault teaser
Caliber - BOPE assault teaser

Caliber is closing in on the next operator collection and are starting to tease individual members.

Caliber has 64 operators available for unlocking and leveling, with another four on the way. 

The upcoming operators are from the BOPE outfit, the elite police force that butts heads with Brazilian gangs on the regular and now we have a first brief look at the assault from the group.

1C Game Studios released the teaser at the end of May 2023, briefly showing the operator's niche - a machete.

Existing players immediately suspected that the operator's gameplay loop would be similar to that of Starkadr, the Swedish operator that tends to pull out a hatchet and go to town with it.

However, the developers noted that while this is another assault with a melee weapon, the gameplay would actually be quite different, although they didn't specify how.

It is not excluded that the operator will not have Last Stand as it is already annoying too many players by existing on just two operators so far.

Unfortunately, it is also unknown what weapons the BOPE operators will be carrying but FN FAL is more than likely to be in the arsenal and the assault is the prime suspect for carrying one.

Additionally, no official release date for the BOPE operators has been announced but the roadmap puts them in Q2 2023 and that particular quarter is ending with June so the team's arrival is all but confirmed to be in the same month.


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