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Caliber: Fragments will be used to purchase operators and cosmetics in the future

Published: 21:38, 26 May 2023
1C Game Studios
Caliber - Smiley outfit for Eima
Caliber - Smiley outfit for Eima

Obtaining operators and cosmetics in Caliber will become easier soon while the burden of levelling up shouldn't ruin our Credit balance as much.

Caliber has massive sinks when it comes to Credits, the in-game currency that is obtained through playing, as it is used to purchase and level up operators.

There are 64 of them at the time of writing and just leveling each of them up to 15 costs 420,000 Credits. It appears that 1C Game Studios listened to the players' feedback and decided to ease that burden through giving Fragments more significance.

This currency is primarily obtained by getting duplicates from loot boxes, which are usually awarded through events.

However, generating Fragments will become easier now that up to three loot boxes can be earned each week through gameplay. Additional loot boxes can be purchased but keep in mind that is something we never recommend.

With loot boxes comes more Fragments, which now have an expanded use. You will be able to utilise them to purchase Epic Outfits, Camos, Executions, Emotes, Emblems and HQ Backgrounds.

1C Game Studios Caliber - Common Cause event reward Bishop's new skin will not be purchasable with Fragments

Things that will remain available exclusively for Credits are Legendary Outfits, thematic items from events, Ranked Armory items, temporarily exclusive items and Emblems that are earned through achievements.

For example, the Epic Outfit for Eima from the image above is currently unobtainable since it was part of the Soft Power battle pass but once the battle pass with BOPE operators kicks in, it will become available for purchase with Fragments. 


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