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Bungie CEO says rumours of talks with Microsoft are false

Published: 18:29, 14 September 2020
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If you've been following the recent rumours and hoping that Bungie could end up in Microsoft's arms then think again, because the former's CEO Pete Parsons said no such talks are taking place.

The rumour originated from VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb and the latest episode of GamesBeat Decides podcast, where he said he's heard rumours of Microsoft and Bungie talking about a potential reunion. 

It gained even more traction after Eurogamer reported they've also been hearing about these discussions taking place. They claimed that the talks have been fueled by Bungie's desire to raise new funds for the studio, which sounded plausible until the company's head honcho stepped in. 

Responding to a Twitter post that assembled the rumours, Parsons responded with a simple, "This is false." Destiny's community manager David Dague chipped in as well, albeit asking for rumour-spreaders to use the current company logo. 

Of course, there's a big difference between plausible and probable, and we weren't sure why Bungie would cut their post-Activision renaissance short and run into another publisher's arms. Microsoft's monetary power is one thing, but the studio's delight at their newfound independence didn't sound like something they'd relinquish so easily and so quickly. 

In spite of their earlier claims that Activision Blizzard weren't the prohibitive overlord everyone claimed they were, Destiny 2's post-Activision return to the glory days was there for all to see. 

We suppose it's understandable to steer clear of harsh words in this industry, but the truth about the Activision-Bungie relationship came out eventually, as it always does. 

Marty O'Donnell, industry veteran and former member of Bungie's board of directors, recounted his experience with Activision's execs, and it sounded like something straight out of Sopranos . To be fair, their relationship with Microsoft has been far better, but we wouldn't bet on them giving up their independence any time soon. 

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