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Broken Veil announced with plans to scare the kid out of you

Published: 19:08, 04 May 2021
Sinistrum Games
Broken Veil
Broken Veil

Sinistrum Games announced Broken Veil, a sombre puzzle platformer that has some elements of horror in it, driven by the fear of losing those closest to us.

Modern-day horror games are usually just based on being afraid of monsters, in some cases, we're unable to fight them and in others, we can do so but it's always the grotesque creatures at the centre of the "horror" part of these titles.

Broken Veil seems to have a few such elements itself but the roots of the horror portion of the game are much more realistic and are often experienced by children, teens and adults in real life.

Players will be put in the shoes of a small child who is searching for his mother in a post-Soviet Russian town. While the fear children feel when they are separated from their parents is scary enough, the protagonist here has something else stacking the odds against him - prosopagnosia.

If you don't recognise the word, it's not particularly odd since the condition does not get highlighted often enough for everyone to immediately recognise it, much like the afflicted individuals don't recognise faces. They can see faces but can't recognise them.

Anyway, this will not only serve as a horror element of the game since players will also need to solve puzzles, some of which will be helped by cats who can traverse otherwise unreachable spaces and calm the player character when the atmosphere becomes too tense.

This concept sounds quite interesting and if you're in it for the long haul, the devs will set up a Kickstarter for Broken Veil while the Steam page is already up and the game can already be wishlisted.

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