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Bohemia Interactive shut down Bratislava studio but will continue DayZ development

Published: 10:22, 28 April 2020
Bohemia Interactive
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DayZ creators Bohemia Interactive have released an official statement, confirming that their Bratislava studio has been shut down, as earlier rumours suggested. However, the developer made it clear this will not affect DayZ development.

A couple of days ago, a rumour surfaced on DayZ subreddit , claiming that Bohemia Interactive have shut down their Bratislava Studio after several resignations from senior and lead developers, leaving DayZ development in the dark. 

Furthermore, the rumour stated that no more than ten people work on DayZ and that most of the developers who left Bohemia decided to join former DayZ lead David Durcak in his new THQ studio in Bratislava, Nine Rocks Games.

As expected, DayZ players feared that the rumour could be true but Bohemia Interactive have addressed their concerns in the latest statement. Over at Twitter, Bohemia Interactive claim that they have indeed closed Bratislava studio but only after studio leads agreed that it was the best thing to do.

"We recently closed our Bratislava studio. It was a mutual decision between management and studio leads, and we want to thank all team members for their contribution," it is written in the statement.

More importantly, Bohemia made it clear that this decision will not affect the development of DayZ, which should go ahead as earlier detailed in January 2020.

This means new patches with bug fixes, modding support, stability and gameplay improvements with less focus on new content.

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All in all, it is nice that Bohemia Interactive have officially talked about this since the rumour has been spreading like wildfire over the last couple of days. Hopefully, the devs keep their word and continue working on DayZ throughout the year and further.

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