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Bluepoint Games are working on Legacy of Kain remake according to latest leak

Published: 10:42, 21 May 2020
Updated: 10:48, 21 May 2020
Square Enix
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver screenshot showing the main protagonist
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Bluepoint Games are working on several projects at the moment according to the latest leak. One of these projects is a remake of the iconic action-adventure Legacy of Kain.

The masters of remakes, Bluepoint Games have a busy couple of years ahead of them according to the latest leak from 4chan. Yes, we know, a lot of rumours and leaks from the controversial website usually end up being fake but sometimes, they are spot on. 

However, before we dive into this latest leak regarding Bluepoint Games, we suggest you take everything you are about to read with a huge grain of salt, just like you should do with any other rumour, leak or unconfirmed info from anonymous sources.

According to the leak , Bluepoint Games are currently working on Legacy of Kain remake. The main goal of the remake is to stay true to the plot of the original game but reimagine the gameplay to suit the modern mechanics. 

Apparently, Square Enix want the game to feel similar to modern Dark Souls games but keep the adventure game focus at the same time. Here is the part about Legacy of Kain in full:

"Legacy of Kain Remake is a project that Bluepoint are pursuing thanks to the collaboration with Square Enix. The Remake has the main objective of re-proposing the plot of the original game in an extremely faithful way but at the same time of reimagining its gameplay in a more modern key. 

Square Enix 's goal is to bring it closer to a system similar to today's Souls games but keeping its adventure game focus and also preserving the environmental puzzles. 

A project that Bluepoints team particularly care about, and which is getting technical results very similar to those obtained with Shadow of the Colossus, with a really evocative experience of the environment of the game"

Bluepoint A huge stone creature from the game Shadow of Colossus holding a hammer Shadow of the Colossus (2018): It's all in your head, man.

On top of this, the leak states that Legacy of Kain will be PlayStation 5 exclusive and it's currently scheduled for 2021. The reveal should happen sometime during the Summer Game Fest which runs until August 2020.

Now, we know from a reliable source, Jason Schreier, that Bluepoint Games are currently working on Demon's Souls remake but both Sony and the devs are yet to officially confirm these details. 

It seems unlikely that Bluepoint have the capacity to work on three major games (the leak also mentions Jek and Daxter remake) at the moment which makes this leak a bit shaky, but who knows, this would not be the most unexpected thing that happened in the gaming industry, that's for certain.

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