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Square Enix's Avengers game set for E3 2019 reveal

Published: 17:51, 29 May 2019
Square Enix
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Marvel's Avengers

Square Enix officially confirmed that their highly-anticipated Marvel game will be named Marvel's Avengers, and it's set for a full reveal at E3 2019 - 10 June 2019. This will be the first update on the game in the last two year years.

Square Enix's The Avengers Project, which was originally announced in 2017 is set to be properly and fully revealed on E3 2019, it's been officially confirmed by the Japanese publisher. Square Enix also revealed the official title, the game will be simply called Marvel's Avengers.

Square Enix's E3 2019 show will take place on 10 June 2019, 6:00 PM PT / 3:00 AM CET so make sure to set those reminders if you don't want to miss the exclusive reveal.

Unfortunately, Square Enix did not reveal additional details about the game and are saving every bit info about the story and other features for the reveal. However, we know from some earlier reports and leaks what Marvel's Avengers could be about.

According to a post on ResetEra forum, which included a supposed job listing, Marvel's Avengers will be a third-person action adventure with "modern combat design", which is based on the "industry trends".

It will feature cover mechanics, melee combat and some stealth sections with big boss fights. It is an Avengers game, after all, it would be a bit underwhelming if boss fights weren't one of the biggest features of the game. You can check the details shared in the leak .

Also, some reports suggested that Marvel's Avengers won't release on the current-gen consoles as Square Enix aim to release the game on next-gen hardware, that should arrive sometime in the second part of 2020.

Of course, take these with a huge grain of salt, just like any other rumour, leak or unconfirmed info. At the moment, the only solid bit of info we have from Square Enix is the reveal date announcement.

Marvel's Avengers will be developed by Crystal Dynamics, which is a studio that brought us Tomb Raider series. One thing is for certain, they know how to make a proper action adventure with cover shooting system.

Square Enix avengers screenshot showing iron mans arm in dust Marvel's Avengers

You can check Square Enix's announcement .

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