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Blizzard has unbanned Overwatch players who were using Linux

Published: 23:06, 17 September 2018
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Blizzard has recently, and unexpectedly, banned several Overwatch players who have been using Linux as their operating system. After several players confirmed the inconvenience on Reddit, Blizzard responded with PR statements and unbans.

Several players reported being banned for simply using Linux while playing Overwatch, with the automated system detecting an apparently unusual chat program that has not been officially authorized.

Considering that Blizzard playing Overwatch on Linux and even on Macs that use emulated Windows, it was rather odd that players got banned for using the opportunity. It was even worse since there was no warning they could be banned and their accounts got suspended out of the blue.

As one of the banned players , they were banned for enabling "async" option for DXVK which resulted in Blizzard banning their account for apparent hacking. The thread continued to be edited with links of more players reporting they have been banned for the same reason, until an official response from Blizzard came.

The first response was the regular PR placeholder in which the Blizzard employee apologised for the inconvenience and reassured the players that their issue will be a top priority for the team to sort out. As it turns out, the employee was true to their word and the players started getting unbanned soon after.

The thread linked above contains evidence of Blizzard unbanning at least one of the affected players, with a statement that the team will look into what's causing the bans in order to reverse the bans and fix the issue as soon as possible.

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There is currently no official statement whether the issue will be resolved in near future, but Blizzard have proven they will co-operate with players who have been wrongfully banned. That said, this particular issue could make the developers' job harder in the near future due to potential hackers claiming they got banned due to Linux while actually using cheats in Overwatch.

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