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Blizzard have introduced a new hero to Overwatch - Ashe

Published: 14:29, 03 November 2018
Picture of Ashe and B.O.B in Overwatch's promotional material
Overwatch - Ashe

Ashe is Overwatch's new hero and McCree's old flame apparently, and she's coming in hot with a bunch of dynamite inspired explosive as well as a lever action rifle. Well, that's one BlizzCon 2018 reveal that the fans aren't livid about.

Unreal Tournament and Quake fans should love Ashe as she's the only Overwatch hero to use mechanics similar to rocket jumping. Then again, they might hate her for the same reason as Ashe's Coach Gun ability is a bit watered down, since rocket jumping was a calculated risk since it damaged the user. Coach Gun simply knocks Ashe in the direction opposing that which she's facing, no side effects included.

She can damage herself, however, with her other active ability, simply dubbed Dynamite even though it looks a bit more sophisticated. Players can use it as a delayed explosive with a fuse or shoot it after tossing, to trigger the detonation sooner.

Ashe will fill a damage position seemingly between a designated marksman such as Widowmaker and the more close and personal approach of many other DPS heroes. Her Viper rifle is in semi-automatic mode while hip firing, but Ashe can zoom in slightly to increase the gun's accuracy and damage.

The real kicker when it comes to new mechanics that this hero brings is her ultimate - B.O.B. It will spawn her faithful omnic sidekick who will knock up any enemies he collides with and will remain stationary, shooting any who survive the initial impact.

He sounds like a glorified Torbi turret until you figure out that Bob is treated as the seventh player. You can heal, buff, tranquilize and bubble him. Most importantly, he will count as a player in contested areas, so if your Rheinhardt charges off to pin someone and fails miserably, you can always rely on Bob to finish capturing the point or maybe win that overtime. Be like Bob. Also heal him.

As far as Ashe's goes, she is the leader of Deadlock Gang that McCree belonged to before being recruited by Blackwatch. The two seem to share more history than just being in the same gang though, first hinted by McCree's "tip" innuendo and further compounded at the end of the cinematic where he rides off on the bike, while keeping a picture of him and Ashe close.


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