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Black Desert Mobile - Node War pre-season now live

Published: 13:50, 02 January 2020
Pearl Abyss
Black Desert Mobile - Node War pre-season banner
Black Desert Mobile - Node War pre-season

Black Desert Mobile's Node War has entered its pre-season. The new mode will see the game's guilds going head to head in order to claim Nodes peppered around the map. The victorious team will enjoy substantial sums of silver that will be collected as tax.

Pearl Abyss recently announced that the pre-season of Node War has begun. The players can now join forces with their guildmates and work together to win battles and capture Nodes. The official Node War update will go live sometime in mid-January.

Node War represents a large-scale PvP game mode that will see Black Desert Mobile's guilds go head to head. The objective is to defeat the other team and claim Nodes. The Nodes are specific points on the game's map. The new mode will grant the Adventurers a chance to win prominence and reputation for their guild.

The way to participate in a Node War is through a bidding process. This will see 3 guilds with the highest bids selected as participants. The participating guild members will be tasked with attacking the opposing guilds' Holy Artifacts while defending their own to win.

The guild that stands victorious after the dust settles will have the honour of possessing the Node for a week. This will yield large sums of silver that will be collected as tax from the areas surrounding the Node. 

During the pre-season, Node Wars will take place from 10 pm to 12 pm (server time) on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

In other Black Desert Mobile news, the special Pearl Shop event offering extra Black Pearls to Adventurers will continue to run this week. Those who purchase a certain amount of Pearls will receive the same number of them as a bonus. The event will go on until 14 January 2020. The Pearl Shop has also been decked out with some fresh items. 

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Black Desert mobile got its back in December 2019.

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