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Black Desert Mobile gets the Valencia region and event to celebrate

Published: 20:03, 03 June 2020
Pearl Abyss
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Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss are launching the Valencia region in Black Desert Mobile and are holding Alchemy Stone Extravaganza event to celebrate the new addition.

Valencia is a region located to the east of Mediah and is quite chunky when it comes to size. Described as a massive continent on par with the size of Balenos, Calpheon, Serendia and Mediah combined, it should give players plenty of new content to enjoy.

The territory is now open for all Black Desert Mobile players and besides offering the new rewards, it will expand on the main story. Players who farm up enough enemies in the region will be able to acquire abyssal grade gear such as the Rakshan helmet, shoes and gloves.

The new continent is an addition worthy of celebration apparently as Pearl Abyss launched the Alchemy Stone Extravaganza event simultaneously. Bonuses from the event will be twofold - the success rate for crafting and synthesizing the stone has been increased and stones will be awarded each day upon the first login via mail.

Players can earn up to 23,000 alchemy stones by simply logging in each day, before the event ends on June 8, 2020. Make sure you also get the item from the mail as soon as you log in since it has a 24 hour expiration timer. In other words, if you don't loot it before the next day, you risk losing the login reward.

Pearl Abyss Black Desert Mobile Black Desert Mobile

Hardcore players looking for more things to chase can look forward to the level cap increase, as it is now 75.

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