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Enraged Muskan joins Black Desert Mobile as a new world boss

Published: 11:06, 19 August 2020
Pearl Abyss
Black Desert Mobile - Enraged Muskan
Black Desert Mobile - Enraged Muskan

Pearl Abyss announced a new world boss for Black Desert Mobile, Enraged Muskan, who prefers to beat enemies into dirt with his favourite combat gauntlets.

Enraged Muskan is described as a cold-blooded fiend who is bent on destroying anyone that crosses his path. He is also the commander of the Kzarka Shrine priests who are attempting to resurrect Kzarka, which is a goal that Muskan is ready to die for.

This world boss has massive gauntlets for weapons of choice but despite such weapons usually having single-target abilities in modern games, these are capable of dealing brutal AoE damage. It will be crucial to avoid Muskan's attack since those hit by them may not always get another chance at breathing.

In order to challenge him, players will need to be level 45 or above. Those who don't get in on the action immediately can look for the portal that can be found at the Bloody Monastery which will take the player to the battleground. Muskan will be around from 20:00 to 22:00 every Thursday. The time is expressed in server time rather than time zones so orientation shouldn't be too difficult.

The dangers of facing Muskan don't come without their associated rewards. Defeating him can yield Muskan's Shoes or Muskan's Token as a drop. 

Black Desert Online

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Black Desert Online - the Guardian

In order to prepare for the fight, adventurers might want to drop into the Ancient Ruins which now feature Difficulty 11 which provides Abyssal-grade Relics.

Oh, and the character level cap has been increased .

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