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Black Desert Mobile pre-downloads start on 9 December

Published: 21:24, 06 December 2019
Black Desert Mobile screenshot
Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile will be available for pre-download on iOS and Android on 9 December. Players who take advantage of the pre-download will be able to choose their Family Name and customize their characters before the game fully launches. Pearl Abyss will be holding Facebook events around the release date and giving away special in-game items.

Pearl Abyss' action RPG Black Desert Mobile will be available for pre-download on iOS and Android starting 9 December 2019. Players who take advantage of the early download will be able to customize their in-game characters and create their Family Names before the game launches for real on Wednesday, 11 December 2019.

The Family Name you select will serve as your in-game nickname and the sooner you lock it down the better. Character Customization, one of the in-game features of the franchise will also be at hand.

The same level of customization possible on PC and console versions of Black Desert will be available on the mobile iteration of the game. You'll kickstart your personalised character creation by choosing from five classes: 

  • Warrior
  • Ranger
  • Giant
  • Witch
  • Valkyrie

There will be various Facebook events going on from 9 December until 16 December 2019. These will reward unique in-game items. 

You can take part in the event by posting a comment with a screenshot or a video of your creation on Customization Event Post. Five winners in total will be selected by community managers and announced on 30 December. 

It's possible to additionally contribute by liking the post itself. If 3000 people like the post, all participants will be rewarded with some in-game items.

Black Desert Mobile's worldwide launch will be on 11 December 2019. You can pre-register now to earn some additional in-game prizes. More information is available on the .

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