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Black Desert Mobile - new content update brings Guild War game mode

Published: 15:06, 07 January 2020
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Black Desert Mobile

Guild War - the new PvP mode has been introduced to Black Desert Mobile via the latest content update. The new mode, as well as the updated Ancient Ruins, are currently live in-game. Ancient Ruins' maximum difficulty settings have been increased.

Black Desert Mobile just got a brand new content update. The free patch brought the new PvP mode - Guild War, along with an update to Ancient Ruins, and both are now available in-game.

Black Desert Mobile - Guild War:

The new Guild War PvP game mode is specifically made for - you guessed it - guilds. The players can use the mode to engage in battle against an enemy guild in order to win guild points (and the war). The war can be declared through the usual channels - by opening the guild window and typing in the name of the group you wish to obliterate. 

Only guild masters and officers can decide to go to battle and they will need at least 10 guild members along with a payment of 3 million silver from their guild fund. The guild members are required to attend within 48 hours.

Once the war has begun, all members will be automatically enlisted and PvP will go live for both participating guilds. The Adventurers are invited to show off their PvP skills by defeating the enemy players and gaining guild points. As each guild races to collect more points, the victorious will be the one whose members get to 30,000 faster.

Black Desert Mobile screenshot Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile - Ancient Ruins:

Black Desert Mobile's collaborative battle mode - Ancient Ruins has been updated. The mode's maximum difficulty settings have been increased to level 6 and 7. As a result, players who hold a greater number of combat points will now be able to challenge stronger versions of the Ancient Warrior Kabuamilles in a bid to earn even bigger rewards.

The patch notes in full can be found right .

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