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Black Desert Mobile's new enhancement system and advanced battlefield

Published: 13:28, 21 April 2020
Pearl Abyss
Black Desert Mobile
Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss' Black Desert Mobile has a new and improved enhancement system as well as a fresh advanced battlefield - Secret Schultz Fortress. The new enhancement system will yield more powerful gear.

Black Desert Mobile now features an improved enhancement system, Awakened Enhancement, and a new advanced battlefield, Secret Schultz Fortress - announced Pear Abyss.

Awakened Enhancement

The Awakened Enhancement system will now enable Black Desert Mobile players to improve their gear above level 40 using the Pristine Black Crystal. Each piece of the enhanced weaponry will give the players additional attack and defence points.

You can craft a Pristine Black Crystal in the Refinery with Black Crystal or Black Stone. Caution is advised as higher levels of enhancement carry lowered awakened enchantment success rates. Don't fly too close to the Sun, but if you consider yourself a daredevil you can always use the advice of Valks which will somewhat increase your success rate. 

Pearly Abyss Black Desert Mobile - characters Black Desert Mobile

Secret Shultz Fortress

Secret Shultz Fortress located in North Mediah is the battlefield for the most powerful Adventurers in Black Desert Mobile. The location boasts even more wondrous rewards and top-level spoils.

Players who check out the Shultz Supply Sack can also find a plethora of unique and valuable items. Secret Shultz Fortress of North Mediah is the place to be if you're looking to do battle against higher level players for even more loot. This area is advanced so make certain that you have honed your skills to a pretty high level before you venture there.

More patch notes can be found on Black Desert Mobile's webpage.

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