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Black Desert Mobile - first major content update now live

Published: 20:02, 26 December 2019
Updated: 20:08, 26 December 2019
Pearl Abyss
Black Desert Mobile instruments on a tree stump
Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss have released the first major content update for Black Desert Mobile. The update brought a new region with fresh quests, boss rushes and more. The max level skill cap has been raised, and the Hammer of Fortune Event is now live.

Black Desert Mobile's first major content update is now live. Pearl Abyss also threw in various holiday-themed events you can enjoy in the frosty weather that has befallen the Earth's northern hemisphere of late.

The latest update includes a whole new territory -  South Mediah. The new region introduces areas like Altinova, Abun Village, Abandoned Iron Mines, and Marni’s Second Lab. Exploring the new domains will grant you new quests, boss rushes and more fresh content.

The addition of new quests also brought a new max level cap. The cap has been raised from 55 to 60, while the maximum Enhancement level cap for weapons and armour has been increased from 30 to 35. We're sure these, as well as the new Mystical gear, will come in handy while exploring South Mediah.

Along with the update came The Hammer of Fortune Event. The new mini-game allows Adventurers to obtain rewards that include a Tier 3 Snowman pet. Each row of blocks offers a special reward, and the event will be accessible until the end of this year.

In other Black Desert Mobile news, a new class "Shai" has been added to the game on 24 December 2019. The new class is the 14th to be added to the mobile game. The Shai use the Florent and the mystic trinket Vitzari. To celebrate the latest addition, the "Shai 3X3 Picture Matching" event is live until 5 January.

The "Shai Level Achievement Event" will be live until 12 January.

Black Desert Mobile was released globally on 11 December 2019 and its number of downloads has already reached 20 million. We're talking worldwide. You can download the game for both and .

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