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Black Desert Mobile welcomes a new trading system with the latest patch

Published: 17:10, 29 April 2020
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Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile has a new trading system. Titled Merchatry, the new system will reward those who give it a shot with varying amounts of silver. Registration for the Black Desert Mobile World Championship: Ramoness Season 2 is now open.

Merchantry - a new trading system is now available in Black Desert Mobile. The new system is joined by the return of Ramoness with Season 2.


Merchantry - The new trading system in Black Desert Mobile will reward players with silver. Adventurers can trade local specialities that are only available in each village through the Merchantry system and nab themselves a considerable amount of silver in the process. To complete a trade, Adventurers need a carriage, a horse and four workers from camp. 

The rewards of Merchantry will scale to match the level of your workers and the workers will receive experience points through the trade as well.

Black Desert Online

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  • Merchantry will be available when you defeat Hexe Marie. Go to Menu > Merchantry to enter.
  • You will need to build a Trading Post in your camp to access Merchantry.
  • You need 1 wagon, a horse to pull your wagon, and 4 workers to begin Merchantry.
  • You need at least 2 horses in the Stable to start Merchantry.

Logging, mining, foraging, fishing, search and combat levels have also been added to the game. Other than fishing, workers can now earn experience for each level of Merchantry. These levels will determine the chances of relevant events appearing.

Black Desert Mobile World Championship: Ramoness Season 2

Adventurers can show off their amazing PvP prowess in this limited-time event. For Adventurers skilled in the Ramoness Arena, this 3v3 PvP mode tournament can help hone abilities and earn experience. Registration for the tournament is now open.

More information can be gleaned from the patch notes , now available on Black Desert Mobile's website.

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