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Battlestate Games break silence with the first post since Ukraine war has started

Published: 20:28, 09 March 2022
Battlestate Games are posting again
Battlestate Games are posting again

The company behind Escape from Tarkov posted for the first time after almost two weeks on Twitter.

Battlestate Games have been silent on all social media accounts since the war in Ukraine started. That includes their C.E.O. Nikita Buyanov, who was a regular day-to-day Twitter poster, and a known person among Tarkov fanbase with his ongoing activity and discussions with players and streamers.

We already covered the reasons as to why they might be keeping silent in a separate article, so if you're want to dig deeper into that, read about it here .

Today they finally broke the silence with Twitter posts both on their Battlestate Games account and on separate Escape from Tarkov account.

All three posts were in regard to the upcoming technical update with their usual message: The game will not stop. 

Tweets do not mention anything about the ongoing situation in Ukraine and are purely game-related. Our assumption is that they will continue in that fashion, staying out of the focus and not making any statements regarding the war. 

As for the players, some have asked a couple of questions in the re-tweets, however, the political discussion is currently heavily monitored both on official Discord and on Reddit, as any political post gets removed immediately, whether it was pro-war or anti-war, so we are unable to provide a larger picture what players think on Battlestate Games' silent stance.

As for the update, they are bringing back the jump height distance prior to patch The game will be playable during the update, however the raid time could be reduced to 10 minutes while the update installs.

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