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Battlefield V's battle royale mode Firestorm leaks tutorial video

Published: 08:29, 08 March 2019
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Not long after one Reddit user data mined Battlefield V's files and uncovered fresh details on its battle royale mode Firestorm, someone leaked the video tutorial online. DICE ain't even mad, they just warned everything's subject to change.

Battlefield V Firestorm tutorial confirms what we learned from the recent - it features Solo, Duo and Squad modes. Equipment comes in common, rare and epic variants, and inventory management plays a big deal, albeit it's made easier via backpacks.

Firestorm allows no respawning which means DICE will be sticking to the classic recipe, rather than reaching into Respawn's Apex Legends trick bag.

In normal circumstances, DICE's indifference to the leak would suggest they were the ones who leaked it, but it seems they genuinely didn't have anything to do with it.

DICE's community engagement manager going by the Reddit handle F8RGE said, "Normally I don't comment on leaks for a number of reasons but breaking that habit today. Whatever has leaked has leaked, there's no stopping that".

He did do some damage control, pointing out that early leaks may not coincide with the final version of Firestorm, but it's not like we haven't learned most of what we need to know about Battlefield V's battle royale so far.

We've known Firestorm is coming in March 2019 since DICE and EA released the Battlefield V back in October 2018, so the only way they could spring a surprise is if they delayed it, which isn't very likely.

After all, battle royale modes seem to be all the rage these days, making up 12 per cent of total game revenue in 2018, which amounts to $12.6 billion. It is expected that this number will rise to $20.1 billion in 2019, although the landscape will be much more populated.

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Interestingly, F8RGE also mentioned that DICE refrained from beating the drum over Firestorm's arrival, as they want the community to do the talking. 

"We know you expect a lot from us and we want to deliver upon that. But it's not for us to say how good something is, that's for you", he said.

You can find the leaked tutorial and F8RGE's replies on Reddit

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