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Battlefield V update brings new mode, weapons and vehicles

Published: 10:39, 15 January 2019
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Battlefield V Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes is bringing Squad Conquest which is a smaller variant of the regular Conquest mode. Along with that, Rush and co-op modes, three new weapons and Tank Hunter vehicles are also coming in the update.

EA Dice have revealed full patch notes for the next more substantial Battlefield V update - Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes. The update comes with new game modes, weapons and vehicles. Of course, EA won't release everything they have on 17 January when the update is scheduled to arrive but there will be a fair amount of content in the first week.

Lightning Strikes will start with a new game mode dubbed Squad Conquest which is a different take on normal Conquest. It will feature three flags for players to control, limited access to vehicles, restricted spawning to HQs and will be available on Arras, Hamada, and Rotterdam maps. 

The whole idea behind the new mode is to have two squads per team battle it out over smaller, more tactical matches. Players will have three new weapons at their disposal in Squad Conquest. The medic class will get the Zk-303 submachine gun, those who prefer Assault are getting a Modele 1944 semi-automatic rifle, while Support arsenals are expanded with the M1922 medium machine gun.

Dice also worked on time to death and "death experience" changes. Death cams will now follow and zoom out towards the killer while the killer's name will be shown in the game world when a player dies. From now on, incoming bullets will be much easier to spot as Dice worked to improve the accuracy of visual representation of incoming fire.

These changes were implemented to help players understand who eliminated them and where the pain is coming from more clearly. 

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As for the content arriving at a later date, Dice confirmed that Rush mode will go live on 20 March 2019, while the new Grand Operations set on the Panzerstorm and Arras maps will drop on 21 February 2019. The Combined Arms co-op mode is also coming in February but a specific date wasn't revealed.

You can find the full patch notes and for more info about the Battlefield V Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes visit EA's .

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