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New Battlefield V trailer all but confirms battle royale mode

Published: 16:11, 16 August 2018
Screenshot from a Battlefield V trailer suggesting battle royale mode
Battlefield V

With news incoming of pre-orders on Battlefield V lagging behind Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2, EA rolled out another trailer called Devastation of Rotterdam and if you know history, you know it should be bombastic.

Kicking off with an even more depressing version of House of the Rising Sun than the original, the new Battlefield V trailer quickly turns even more depressing. Well, that's for the poor sods running around as the gameplay part of Battlefield V looks even better than the first trailer.

In case you're unfamiliar with the Battle of Rotterdam, here's a quick history lesson. The Dutch were planning to remain neutral in WWII, just as they did in WWI. The Germans, on the other hand, had other ideas as the country had important geo-strategic value.

Ultimately, the Dutch were forced into a defensive conflict and unsuccessfully tried to take and then destroy the Willemsbrug bridge, which seems to appear in the video too. German communication problems resulted in almost the entirety of the city's core flattened by air bombardment, mid-negotiations to surrender. Once Germans threatened to do the same with Utrecht, the Dutch capitulated.

As for the Battlefield V trailer itself, well I can't say I was there, but it seems to depict the horrors pretty accurately. Well, except for the part at 0:19 when the prosthetic arm lady uses it to jump over a car. Not that it doesn't look awesome thanks to camera work, it's just that it's impossible and even less plausible. Oh well, it's probably just me.

Towards the end of the trailer, EA teases several more in-game environments. Deserts, snow, vast fields and urban settings - Battlefield V has it all, but it's the part around 1:50 that caught our eye - that fast-closing ring of fire, no Johnny Cash pun intended - we all know what it is.

EA DICE Player is reloading his Stg 44 during Battlefield V gameplay Battlefield V

Ultimately though, the mere choice of historical locations promises to make Battlefield V a worthy affair. While I'm sure many are enthusiastic for the battle royale mode, I just want to get on that bridge.

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