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Battlefield V gets a minor update tweaking shotguns and more

Published: 13:03, 05 March 2019
Oscar Mike helmet, DICE's gift to Battlefield V players
Battlefield V, Oscar Mike helmet

Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Update #4 is out but you should know it isn't a major one. We're looking at some tweaking of shotgun balance and a bunch of quality-of-life fixes DICE wanted to address quickly.

In short, the update has "resolved the flickering issue on squad deployment, made improvements to shotguns, fixed the end of round Company Coin counter, and also made some stability improvements."

As for Battlefield V's shotguns, DICE found that they are constantly outperformed by SMGs, so they introduced the following changes.

12g Automatic and M1897 have had their maximum pellet damage bumped from 5 to 7.2, while M30 Drilling is up to 6.3. Damage drop off on buckshot and slug ammo now starts 1 meter further.

It has been noticed by some fans that there the length of Churchill Crocodile's flamethrower flame doesn't match in third and first-person perspective and the update fixes that.

Also listed is the Practice Range bug that had players getting stuck when using restart or redeploy, fixed freezing on The Last Tiger's Reach German Forward Base section and some controller vibration fixes.

As for platform-specific changes to Battlefield V, PC users seem to have been experiencing issues with Nvidia's deep learning tech DLSS. It specifically occurs when switching resolutions several times in a row, which is apparently fixed, but the tech has been disabled for DirectX 11 "due to stability issues". 

On the console side of things, Battlefield V players had even more issues with shotguns, as DICE wrote that they ended up dealing less damage than intended.

Also addressed was the quirk that made players restart Battlefield V if their network cable was disconnected during the map loading screen. 

EA DICE Picture of several tanks rushing around the battlefield Battlefield V

DICE have been doing work the UI and HUD and, other than the aforementioned flickering in the squad redeploy screen, they addressed the stray subtitles in Combined Arms, fixed the End of Round screen when levelling from 49 to 50 and more. 

You can find Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Update #4 patch notes .

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