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Battlefield V gets another controversy, now around TTK and TTD

Published: 18:46, 23 November 2018
Two soldiers on the battlefield in Battlefield V
Battlefield V, in the thick of it

Battlefield V took a bit more realistic approach when it came to combat, as EA DICE reduced time to kill and time to death, compared to the previous titles in the series. Some fans now want it tweaked, while others support the decision.

Time to kill (TTK) and time to death (TTD) are usually terms used in shooter games, with the former meaning the period of time one needs to kill an opponent while the latter means the approximate time you have before death once you're shot at. Battlefield V delivered shorter times in both regards, which came as a pleasant surprise for hardcore FPS fans, as well as those who like realistic shootouts, but others are demanding TTK and TTD from older Battlefield titles.

Florian Le Bihan, the core gameplay designer at DICE, who occasionally enjoys in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, responded to one of these queries, stating that the developer team will look into tweaking both TTK and TTD. Another batch of fans is completely opposing this idea though as they like the way combat works right now, and feel that TTK is in the right place.

TTD, on the other hand, is rather problematic. Ideally, TTK and TTD should be identical, but either due to a netcode issue or refresh rate, Battlefield V suffers from TTD being way lower sometimes as players don't get to react at all before going down.

To clarify the issue, imagine player A shooting at player B. Hypothetically, let's say that TTK is one second, meaning that the player B should have one second to react between being hit by the first bullet and the lethal one, which would also mean TTD is one second. But due to Battlefield V's issue, player A often ends up with TTK of one second, while player B gets TTD of 0,1 second.

EA DICE Picture of a car and an explosion showing the RTX reflections Battlefield V

From this banal example, it's easy to see why both sides of Battlefield V's player base would be frustrated. Those who enjoy the current TTK would hate to see it being longer, while those who get shot down before having a chance to react need a chance from time to time, in order to make the game more enjoyable.

The seemingly best possible scenario here would be DICE working out the issues that reduce TTD, while leaving TTK as it is. It remains to be seen how they deal with the controversy.

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