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Battlefield V's battle royale Firestorm is now live

Published: 11:46, 25 March 2019
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Battlefield V Firestorm

Battlefield V's battle royale mode dubbed Firestorm is now live on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. To celebrate the launch, EA have shared a complete overview of vehicles, objectives and features that are included in the new mode.

Four months after the release of Battlefield V, EA and DICE have finally added the long-awaited battle royale mode dubbed Firestorm. To celebrate the launch, the publisher released a detailed overview of the new features so you don't get smoked the second you drop into the battle royale arena.

Of course, the core gameplay of Firestorm is just like in any other battle royale mode - drop down, find the best loot and fight your way to become the last man standing.

However, DICE also added some of their own spice to make Firestorm a bit different from other battle royale games. The first addition is the Objectives feature that players have to complete in order to get vehicles or high-end gear. 

These objectives include Strongboxes, Safes, Supply Drops, Re-supply points and Vehicle Lockups where abandoned vehicles can be found locked behind bunkers.

Also, players will be able to call in reinforcements like the V-1 Rocket, artillery strikes and tanks to gain an advantage over the others on the battlefield. These items can be game-changing and that's why they are part of Firestorm's rare loot tier.

Battlefield series and EA's Frostbite engine are known for the destruction and Firestorm won't be different. Players will have many weapons that can obliterate the building to the ground, and the ring of fire will also destroy all vehicles and building in its path.

As for the vehicles, Firestorm features 17 drives at the moment, including tanks, helicopters, sports cars, and the coveted tractor. All vehicles in Firestorm will require fuel and start only with a limited supply.

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At the moment, Firestorm can be played in Squad and Solo mode but EA also confirmed that Duos will arrive in the near future.

Speaking about the future content for Firestorm, EA and Dice plan to continuously expand the mode with new features and improvements. You can check the for more details on that.

Battlefield V, WWII shooter by DICE and Electronic Arts

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