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Battlefield V AMA reveals details about The Company

Published: 14:48, 20 July 2018
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Battlefield V

It's your own personal space where you can be yourself. Well, sort of, as Battlefield V's core gameplay producer Ryan McArthur revealed in a recent reddit AMA that it's your personal collection of just about everything you collect in-game.

"The company is your personal collection of soldiers, vehicles and weapons. Each of these you will be able to progress and customize each of these to fit your personality and play style", he said. Basically, these should be your general loadouts.

Asked whether players will be able to have different soldiers from other Battlefield V factions, McArthur said that firstly, there will be two factions only. Players can own "multiple planes and tanks and duplicates of each", each customisable to their liking. 

The Company will also let you have multiple weapons, again including duplicates, which you'll tweak further and same goes for soldiers, who "can be customized visually, in face, helmet, face paint, jacket and pants". Moreover, weapons will have from 5 to 7 slots for visual customisation.

DICE once again reaffirmed their stance on Battlefield V steering clear of anything that's even remotely pay-to-win, stressing that earning and collecting items will be "both gameplay based and cosmetic". While there is monetisation, they fully plan to limit it to cosmetics only. "We want our players to have to earn gameplay", McArthur added.

Naturally, balancing these fine lines between effort invested and the rewards earned is tricky business, which is why DICE are taking their sweet time polishing it up. When asked what he considers to be the best/biggest improvement in Battlefield V over Battlefield 1, McArthur said that the second biggest thing would be "the progression and service focused design to create a more living experience."

I know, it feels corporately assembled for ready spewing, but you can read between the lines - EA are never pulling a Star Wars Battlefront II again - not now, not ever. It's bad for business.

EA DICE Image of a soldier in a leather jacket that belongs 1980s Germany rather than World War 2 Battlefield V

Interestingly, the first thing he thinks is an improvement over Battlefield 1 is "the improved through the gun experience". Which I'm sure doesn't imply that the aforementioned is bad.

You can find the full reddit AMA .

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