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Battlefield V's next chapter Defying the Odds gets launch date

Published: 15:57, 05 June 2019
screenshot from battlefield v showing asian solider in fight
Battlefield V: Defying the Odds chapter

EA and Dice have released a new trailer in which they announced Battlefield V's next chapter named Defying the Odds. The free content update will start on 27 June 2019 with the introduction of a brand new vehicle-based map named Al Sundan.

Battlefield V is set for a brand new chapter named Defying the Odds, which is part of the game's live service content updates. The free updates will officially start to roll out on 27 June 2019 it's been confirmed by EA and Dice in the latest trailer.

Defying the Odds will start with the introduction of two, brand new maps named Al Sundan and Marita. The former is a vehicle-based map set in the North African desert. It's a vast, open map based on the war story Under No Flag. Players will get to fight on lush desert coast and harsh terrains while covering large distances.

Marita is a smaller map with a big emphasis on infantry combat. It features mountain ridges and tight streets in small Greek town and just like the earlier Greek map named Mercury, it will be focused on vertical gameplay. Al Sundal lands on 27 June 2019 and Marita should arrive sometime in July 2019. At the moment, there is no specific release date.

Furthermore, Defying the Odds will also introduce two additional maps in August 2019. These will be set in Lofoten Islands and Provence and are tailored for "intimate infantry combat".

Dice will also add two new elites, featuring signature looks, personas and voices in June. The first character is the allied Norman Kingsley, described as "a skilful problem solver and expert rifleman" while the second soldier is Ilse Schattenwulf, quick and precise counter-espionage operative fighting for Germany.

And last but not least, all four classes will get brand new guns including the mighty S2-200 MMG or the Panzerbuchse Anti-Materiel Rifle. You will be able to unlock these guns by completing the Weekly Challenges.

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You can check the chapter announcement on the , and for more Battlefield V news, check out the latest free addition - .

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