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Battlefield V beta scheduled for early September 2018

Published: 14:58, 16 July 2018
Player is reloading his Stg 44 during Battlefield V gameplay
Battlefield V

After successfully completing Battlefield V's closed alpha phase, EA and DICE have announced the game's beta to be coming out in early September 2018, where they're planning on applying everything they've learned during the alpha.

The news came the way of Battlefield V's lengthy blog post, where they were they said they were focusing on technical aspects of the game, specifically its backend systems, scoring, gunplay, fortifications system and others. Apparently, DICE is pleased with what they've learned over the course of testing.

However, it appears the developer had some minor matchmaking issues, leading to some players ending up in wrong server locations with increased latencies. The likelihood of this occurring when joining a Battlefield V match via the game's server browser is said to be much lower, although there's plenty of work to be done yet.

Keeping your squad composition was apparently a bit buggy as well, but DICE stressed that this part will be fully polished by the time we see the final version, seeing as how it's of crucial importance to the Battlefield V experience. Interestingly, there is a bug with a Norwegian cabin that appears around downed players during revives. Must've be a poltergeist, or something. 

As far as in-game features go, the alpha was merely a taste of what's to come, as DICE and EA promise plenty more maps, environments, weapons and vehicles, of which they've only used subsets so far. There will be tweaks on the availability of ammo, in order to ensure the right ammo balance between various weapons, as well as looting of ammo, the specifics of which will be released at a later date.

Squad reinforcements, even though pretty fun, are a bit op and will be toned down a bit. DICE are looking into the blast radius and of Battlefield V's Churchill Tank and the V-1 Rocket and they hinted there may be some warning and even countering systems.

And now we come to Battlefield V's Time to Kill, or TTK as it's commonly called, since the game's alpha community seems to be split on the issue. Some players think it's too short, while others claim it's just right.

This has prompted DICE to advise players to use more scientific methods when approximating Battlefield V's TTK, i.e. try not to stand in the open while being shot at by five people. Once they exhaust other options though, they may proceed to tweak weapon damage to fix this.

EA Battlefield V

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