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Battlefield 6 is not what fans of the series would like it to be, says reliable insider

Published: 15:04, 23 November 2020
screenshot showing Battlefield VI concept art
Battlefield VI concept art

According to Anton Logvinov, the head of FXA Studio, who previously leaked Horizon Zero Dawn PC version details, Battlefield 6 is not quite what fans of the franchise would expect it to be but it still plays very well.

Details about Battlefield 6 are pretty scarce at the moment but thanks to some reliable insiders we know that the game will return to modern-day setting with maps designed for up to 128 players and a potential battle royale mode.

Recently, EA confirmed in their financial report that Battlefield 6 is in development and should be coming sometime in late 2021. The team already received very positive feedback according to EA CEO.

However, according to a reliable industry insider Anton Logvinov, the head of FXA Studio, Battlefield 6 might not be what hardcore fans of the shooter franchise expect. In a short tweet, Anton wrote the following (roughly translated by Google): 

"Battlefield 6 is not what fans of the series would like it to be but plays well."

EA screenshot from battlefield 4 showing a soldier on snowy mountain Battlefield 4: Final Stand

Now, you're probably wondering what could this mean exactly. The truth is, we don't know at the moment since Anton did not clarify which part of the game the fans would not like. If in the meantime he responds with additional info, we will update the article since we're excited to hear more about the game, just like every other Battlefield fan.

Is it possible that the gameplay is faster than before? Or the TTK is much lower? Well, it certainly is possible but everything we say about the game right now is just speculation and nothing more. Until we get more information, you should take Anton's information with a grain of salt just like any other rumour or leak.

Yes, Anton has exclusively leaked info about Horizon Zero Dawn on PC but it would not be the first time that reliable industry insiders have wrong info.

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Battlefield V

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