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Battlefield 5 closed alpha is starting soon, pre-load available

Published: 05:55, 14 August 2018
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Battlefield V

EA and EA DICE have announced that Battlefield 5 closed alpha is starting on 14 August 2018 and will run for a limited time, but not on consoles - PC only. Meanwhile, pre-loads have commenced on 13 August 2018 and are currently available.

According to the official blog post, the build used in this closed alpha will be the same one used in the previous event, albeit somewhat improved. That means there will be no new content, as in no new weapons, maps, vehicles or modes. 

The closed alpha will start at 08:00 UTC or 01:00 PDT and due to the somewhat abrupt announcement and start of testing, DICE have called players from the previous alpha to join in once again to fill the concurrent players quotas needed for further testing.

This alpha event will focus on testing player progression speed, so Battlefront 2 shenanigans don't happen again, even without progression based loot boxes. The new build will have tuned weapon balance, improved matchmaking and some issues regarding squad joining have been fixed.

Just like the first closed alpha, this one will be invite-based so you may want to check your mail if you didn't get lucky the first time around. Players that did participate in the first event will have access to this one automatically. Even the codes sent out for the first alpha that weren't used will be eligible for the second round of testing.

Closed alpha will be available in English language only, but the list of eligible countries is rather extensive. You can see the full list on the post and check whether your country is there.

EA DICE Player is reloading his Stg 44 during Battlefield V gameplay Battlefield V

System requirements seem to be the same as in the first alpha test, and they are still on the higher end of the PC master race spectrum. The game will require 50 GB of your hard/SSD drive and minimum requirements include a GTX 1050 GPU and i5 6600K CPU.

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