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ArenaNet roll out Warclaw the WvW mount for Guild Wars 2

Published: 13:30, 06 March 2019
Picture of the new mount Warclaw in Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

Warclaw has finally come to Guild Wars 2 and ArenaNet's newest addition to World vs World seems to have split the community. Some couldn't wait to get their hands on it, while others are concerned about possible balance issues in this mode.

Warclaw is the first Guild Wars 2 mount that is exclusively available through World vs World mode and it is suited for the needs there. It is slower than other mounts but it also has three abilities, unlike the rest who have to make do with two.  That said, these abilities are geared towards WvW.

The first ability is Battle Maul which will cause the Warclaw to jump on a target enemy and finish them off if they are in a downed state. Sniff is the second ability and it will help to locate enemies in a radius by marking them on the map, which should serve as a good prevention feature to unwanted run-ins with enemy zergs.

Warclaw's third ability is arguably the most useful one as it allows tearing down doors on enemy fortifications. It is called Chain Pull and it will latch a chain on the said door. As soon as that happens, the ability will be split in two new abilities - one which makes the Warclaw tug on the chain, dealing damage to the door in the process, and the other one which releases the chain.

Each Chain Pull will cost one Supply per pull and should you click it while you have no Supplies, you will be dismounted. Each door can be pulled by up to three Warclaws at any given time, each of them dealing 2000 damage per pull.

ArenaNet Picture of the new Warclaw mount chilling in Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2 - Warclaw

As mentioned earlier, Warclaw is slower than other mounts as it increases the movement speed by 37 per cent in PvE and friendly WvW areas while using the Endurance ability will increase the average speed gain to around 54 per cent. The base bonus is reduced to just 16 per cent in hostile WvW areas, meaning a zerg under Swiftness buffs will move faster, unless the Warclaw rider uses the Endurance ability which brings the average speed buff up to about 34 per cent.

You can read about the Warclaw as well as other changes to the game, including balance on the official .

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