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EA removes Russia and Belarus from esports programs

Published: 00:39, 17 March 2022
Apex Legends, Fuse
Apex Legends, Fuse

EA pulled a draconic measure as sanctions tighten their grip on Russia further as the country's citizens will no longer be able to participate in the company's esports events.

Russia is starting to suffocate as a result of the economic sanctions imposed on it due to the invasion of Ukraine and more companies are lining up to deny their services in the country by the day. 

EA has joined the bandwagon by announcing that participants from both Russia and Belarus will not be eligible for the upcoming tournaments in Apex Legends and FIFA 22.

Reactions to the news are seemingly mixed. Some are alleging that these measures will not have any impact on those in power in Russia and will only punish the regular people while EA promotes itself with actions that are contributing virtually nothing to stop the war.

On the other hand, if enough companies deny their service to Belarus and Russia, the growing discontent among the population might actually lead to actions that would create a shift in power.

Either way, EA has effectively cut off people from Belarus and Russia, which is not something other esports are doing for the time being. In fact, League of Legends has a Russian player participating in a charity event that will help Ukraine with humanitarian aid.

Respawn Entertainment Apex Legends - Seer Apex Legends - Seer

It remains to be seen whether EA's actions will have any proper reaction or if they will remain just a PR stunt in the latest trend.

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