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Apex Legends: Octane getting double jump, Lifeline reworked in Lost Treasures

Published: 13:45, 23 June 2020
Respawn Entertainment
Picture of Lifeline from Apex Legends healing some dude
Apex Legends - Lifeline

As hinted a few months back, Lifeline and Octane are indeed getting reworks in the Lost Treasures Collection event, so get ready for some new healing powers and some Super Mario grade jumps.

We're only a few hours away from the launch of Lost Treasures, and the patch notes are out, but we'll be covering only the changes that were announced since the Lost Treasures has been announced. You can check out info on Mobile Respawn Beacons and the event stuff here .  

As for everyone's favourite Apex Legends medic (which is admittedly quite an easy title to grab when you're the only medic but hey - I'm the one holding the pen here), Respawn said they're looking at Lifeline and Octane , but we didn't expect them to do it so quickly. 



  • Combat Revive now replaces Combat Medic
    • Deploy D.O.C to revive teammates. D.O.C. will deploy a shield and revive Lifeline’s teammate, leaving Lifeline free to defend or revive someone else
    • This fully replaces Lifeline’s old passive, including Fast Heal    


  • Lifeline’s Tactical cooldown is now 45 seconds (was 60 seconds)


  • Lifeline’s Care Package now contains more items
    • Care Package will contain 3x more small healing items, when it decides to spawn small healing items
    • Care Package will contain 2x more attachments, when it decides to spawn attachments



  • Upon activation, Stim will remove movement impairing effects
  • Stim sprinting speed is increased by 10%


  • Players can now double jump in mid-air after using Octane's Launch Pad        
  • Players can change direction easily from the double jump.

EA Apex Legends, Lost Treasures cosmetics Apex Legends, Lost Treasures

Lifeline's passive should make her a far more effective medic, but her efficiency in getting back into a fight as quickly as before will take a slight hit, thanks to the Fast Heal removal. Time to switch things up we suppose. 

As for Octane, Pathfinder's nerf has already made him more viable and the added sprint speed is yet another boost, no pun intended. The double jump sounds seriously tasty though, and we can't wait to see what players do with it. 

You can find the full list of changes on EA's website .

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