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Apex Legends: Mirage rework was great, Octane and Lifeline seem to be next

Published: 06:59, 22 May 2020
Updated: 07:01, 22 May 2020
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Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment made quite the statement in Season 5 by demolishing Skull Town, but they're far from done. Mirage rework is behind us, and it seems Octane and Lifeline are next.

Mind you, this is neither a fact or promise by Respawn, as they steered clear of giving any definitive statements, most likely so as not to be pestered on social media. Nevertheless, Octane and Lifeline mains will want to read this. 

"Now that Mirage is sort of off the table and on the bottom for feedback, we're hearing comments about Octane and about Lifeline", Apex Legends director Chad Grenier told Gamespot. 

"I don't think there's anything substantial right now but there are definitely some options that you can look forward to and things that we're looking into. Sorry, that's my long-winded way of saying that we're not announcing what we're going to do. But, we are trying things", he added. 

Mirage's rework was great and the bamboozler's fans are more than grateful for it, especially since his usefulness at the highest level was questionable, at best. The team took great care in ensuring his upgrade makes sense lore-wise, because retaining such a beloved character's identity was paramount.

Grenier stressed that Respawn are always looking at how to shake things up, but that some characters are harder than others. "You see that we keep poking at Wraith and Pathfinder and they don't seem to be getting any worse", he said. 

Respawn Entertainment Picture of Caustic, Lifeline and Mirage from Apex Legends Apex Legends

We're sure Pathfinder mains would have a lot to say to this, as the poor tin can really took a beating in Season 5, but Respawn's data apparently shows he's just fine. All the better then, seeing as how he'll be getting his own physical Apex Legends edition soon. 

You can find the full interview on Gamespot

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