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Apex Legends' new event The Old Ways still has some glitches to fix

Published: 11:58, 08 April 2020
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It turns out that The Old Ways event came with quite a few unfortunate glitches and bugs, including the unintentional Mirage nerf we reported on yesterday, although many of them are cosmetic in nature.

Unfortunately for Mirage, it seems like Respawn have a lot on their hands at the moment so we're not sure how quickly they'll revert his decoy timer back from 25 to 15 seconds. 

We were optimistic previously but having seen the number of bugs - you may need to stay away from Mirage for the time being, especially for more competitive purposes. 

Prior to the update, Respawn finally took to fixing the muzzle flash, which could get quite pronounced and disruptive. Unfortunately, The Old Ways Event seems to have reverted golden barrel's muzzle flash. 

Apex Legends players who were excited to immerse themselves into all things Bloodhound found it a bit difficult, especially with the Wise Warrior skin seemingly glitching out at will. 

For the skin of The Old Ways event, seeing Young Blood's arms isn't exactly immersive, and the bug has been confirmed on PC and PlayStation 4 so far.

Perhaps even more problematic is the bug some players found, where Bloodhound's ultimate ends instantly if you hit a mirage decoy. This one actually raised quite a few questions on how and why did it happen to begin with, but we suppose Respawn should be on it soon enough. 

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Granted, not everyone in the Apex Legends community is as optimistic about fixes. Some Reddit users insist that Respawn's interests in their game go as far as the store, which is traditionally over the top for the platform's vocal minority. 

If you're more interested in things that didn't go wrong, you can check out Lifeline and Revenant's buffs here , and The Old Ways weapon rebalancing here

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