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Apex Legends data mine reveals Revenant icon and Crypto voice lines

Published: 16:25, 16 December 2019
Apex Legends character Crypto
Apex Legends, Season 3 character Crypto

Most of the Apex Legends community has been busy with Respawn's festive events but data miners never stop, and the latest discovery has to do with Revenant, presumably the game's yet-to-be-announced character, whose icon was found among the files.

The data mine is courtesy of iLootGames, whose video shed more light on one of the most elusive characters in the game. You may recall that Revenant was rumoured to be coming to Apex Legends on Halloween, and Respawn indeed added him, just not in the capacity we hoped for - he was the mastermind behind Shadowfall. 

Now, however, cracking open Apex Legends' files revealed a freshly added icon for Revenant. This suggests Respawn are preparing something Revenant-related for the next update, because they normally lay some groundwork before setting it in motion in whichever update comes next. 

Ever since Apex Legends' supposed new character was spotted in a dev's tweet, there've been a lot of discussions, rumours and supposed leaks on his abilities. Some suggested multiple stances, which would make him a high-skill-high-reward type of character and certainly unique in the current roster. Others claim there will be a regular ability setup, with three abilities (image below). 

Things rarely change when they get to this stage, but it's still possible that Respawn will be adding Revenant as a special and/or non-playable Apex Legends character. There are no Revenant voice lines but there are those of other characters referring to them, which is peculiar because as far as we know - no other Legends are pinged by character name.

Even earlier data mining uncovered that specifically mention Titans, Goliaths, infected, Prowlers, Reapers and Spectres, but the drone dude's voice lines for Revenant were only uncovered in writing, i.e. they could not be extracted.

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