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Apex Legends getting Season 4: Assimilation gameplay trailer today

Published: 10:53, 03 February 2020
Apex Legends robotic character Revenant
Apex Legends, Revenant

There's just one day left until Apex Legends' Season 4: Assimilation has officially kicked off, not to mention that it's a day away from its first birthday, and you know what that means - Respawn are rolling out a gameplay trailer.

As we've come to expect from Respawn, it should be traditionally bombastic, with an amped-up tune to match the on-screen action.

It almost goes without saying that Octane's enthusiastic, head-banging shenanigans will be generously sprinkled throughout the trailer, rightfully so. I'm personally not a huge fan of playing with him, but boy could I watch him day and night.

The real star, however, should be Revenant, whose description on the Apex Legends website reads, "Consumed by hate and obsessed with revenge, Revenant uses unnatural abilities to haunt his enemies and defy death."

Even though his recent trailer shared a lot of his , we're still officially in the dark in terms of his abilities. Unofficially though, we've seen a bunch of different rumours, and even suggestions that Revenant will have different abilities for different forms, but that's a bit too far fetched considering other character stick with a triple-skill setup.

Naturally, we all know that the real juicy parts will be coming between the proverbial lines, and by this we mean all the goodies they're planning for Apex Legends' fourth season that they haven't announced yet. Respawn's Josh Medina agrees, as he tweeted "Tomorrow we show only the beginning of the goods season 4 will bring."

EA Apex Legends robotic character Revenant Apex Legends, Revenant. And that's his happy face.

While we previously thought the Sentinel sniper rifle will be sporting the standard first-person shooter charge up mechanic, the one where it's practically a hip-fire assault rifle with a capability for a charge-up shot, this turned out not to be true. 

In a recent post, that the Sentinel will consume shield cells for those monster shots, and it seems to be an automatic thing. Either way, we'll know soon enough, so check back for the trailer tonight. 

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