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Apex Legends getting auto sprint and disabling auto-switch weapon

Published: 09:36, 29 July 2019
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Apex Legends, Flyers and.. Leviathan?

We've seen a bunch of long-awaited changes finally make their way to Respawn's excellent battle royale Apex Legends and the latest news is they will be adding auto sprint on consoles and disabling auto-switching of weapons when out of ammo.

Console players have been calling for Apex Legends' auto-sprint feature for some time, pointing out that it was there in Titanfall 2, which eventually led to it being posted on the game's Trello board.

Just in case you're not familiar with Trello, we're talking about a platform that allows for monitoring the exact progress of Apex Legends' development team and specific features, and it's certainly more convenient than waiting for the updates from Zampella and Co via Reddit.

Speaking of Reddit, the user who made the initial thread there said that the convenience of auto sprint cannot be overstated for console players, as it's "one less button to press every 3 seconds".

Another feature coming in the upcoming updates is a multi-platform one - disabling auto-switching of weapons once you've run out of ammo in Apex Legends.

While it's certainly not a feature that hampers novice players, those who are used to switching weapons themselves in other games too often found that their quick switch would take place after the game did it for you.

In the field, it means you're back on the weapon you wanted to switch from so having an option to disable this would come in pretty handy.

These updates will be coming in one of the upcoming updates but Respawn said via Twitter that this does not automatically mean it's the next one.

"Sometime we miss our deadlines to get it in, so it may miss the boat. But we DO have it fixed internally. You just need to hold on a bit longer for it", they said.

EA Apex Legends' new character, Wattson Apex Legends, Wattson

Apex Legends has recently sailed into its second season, and Respawn have addressed many a grievance from the arguably too plain maiden season, so a few quality of life fixes definitely won't hurt.

There will be a few tweaks on the UI for Battle Pass progression, more on which you can learn on the Apex Legends Trello .

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