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Apex Legends dev to talk Season 4 in today's live stream

Published: 09:51, 23 January 2020
Updated: 18:03, 23 January 2020
Apex Legends, new Charm hanging ona rifle
Apex Legends, new Charm

Even though we're really having a blast with the Grand Soirée limited-time modes (LTM), we've been silently hoping for Respawn to throw us a bone in regards to Season 4 of Apex Legends. And they will, in the upcoming live stream.

"Tune in tomorrow at 10am PST for a special edition Devstream where we celebrate year one of Apex as well as get our first look at Season 4", they said in their yesterday's tweet. 

That's 6pm in the UK, or 7pm for the rest of Europe, to save you the needless clicking. I mean, sure, time is relative, but Apex Legends Devstreams won't really care about relativity, will they?

Back to the nitty-gritty though - there are many expectations swirling around the impending Season 4, although we'll stick to the more realistic ones. We're saying that because many fans still expect Apex Legends to match Fortnite, while simultaneously not caring to check why that will never be so. 

Not that Apex Legends isn't due for some sprucing up - it is - but expecting Respawn's team to match the relentless update schedule that's a direct result of the three-decades-old and polished-to-perfection machine is just folly.

Thankfully for the devs, Respawn's CEO Vince Zampella agrees and is adamant that he just to achieve this.

Data miners traces of Apex Legends Season 4 teases, as well as new weapons like the Sentinel sniper rifle and Volt SMG. That said, Respawn added a lengthy list of weapons by name to the data files, and we're not sure whether that's a ploy to throw data miners off the real stuff, but Sentinel and Volt SMG are both in it. 

Respawn Entertainment Apex Legends developers sitting in a room Apex Legends Devstream

There's also the expected new legend Loba, as well as the elusive Sentinel, so we'll be hoping to hear more about either. It's pretty clear by now that Season 4 of Apex will be taking place on World's Edge, but come tonight - we should know more about where Respawn will be taking us in terms of the game's meta.

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Apex Legends

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