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Respawn doesn't want to overwork Apex Legends dev team

Published: 15:37, 25 April 2019
Apex Legends characters Octane and Mirage fighting
Apex Legends, Octane and Mirage

Respawn's CEO Vince Zampella recently discussed Apex Legends' update schedule, which many players think should be a bit more frequent. Zampella, however, doesn't think so, insisting that he's being careful not to overwork the team.

Apex Legends started off incredibly strong, hitting players in a week, and in its first month. More content isn't Respawn's priority at the moment, even though they thought about it.

"The thought was 'hey we kind of have something that's blowing up here, do we want to start trying to drop more content?’ But I think you look at quality of life for the team. We don't want to overwork the team, and drop the quality of the assets we're putting out. We want to try and raise that", Zampella told Gamasutra.

Apex Legends' Battle Pass was a highly anticipated feature, but its first season is widely regarded as underwhelming, at best. This is something that Respawn fully plan to amend, but don't expect those solutions to be immediate.

Instead of trying to emulate Fortnite, whose relentless weekly update schedule recently got a , Zampella insists that Apex Legends content will follow their own schedule.

"Our intention was to always be seasonal, so we're kind of staying with that", he added, which means the next batch of content is coming in the next season. 

"There are a lot of people that are like 'hey where's the weekly updates, Fortnite does this.' And it's like, we're not set up to do that. We never intended to", he said.

Zampella did concede, however, that Apex Legends' maiden season has been light on content, which they should amend in the next. Also, season lengths have been total guesses, and they're yet to see whether it was a good one.

AltChar Composite of Apex Legends bamboozler next to an overgrown EA logo Apex Legends - Mirage next to his patron deity

"All the resources on the team are focused on getting this game in a better position so it plays well, so we have enough content, so the seasons are better", he concluded.

You can find Zampella's interview with Gamasutra .

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