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Apex Legends data mine hints at buffs to all Legends, blue supply bins

Published: 22:10, 04 March 2020
Hammond Robotics drilling into World's Edge in Apex Legends.
Nothing says environmental safety like a giant laser.

As if there wasn't enough news on the Apex front these days, there's an interesting heads-up coming from data miners, who have some interesting findings to report. Apparently, all the legends are getting buffed and there are blue supply bins coming too.

It goes without saying that this is far from a confirmation, as Respawn got pretty good in covering their tracks, making it quite difficult to pinpoint the exact change they have in mind. 

Much like with the earlier Apex Legends data mines, many of which were done by today's culprit iLootGames, these lines might easily refer to upcoming LTMs. 

And if you've been following the data mining community's efforts, many things speculated to be Revenant's abilities and permanent additions, ended up as part of Apex Legends' LTM marathon dubbed Grand Soiree . It rotated LTMs every two days, so grain of salt and all.

Inside the Apex Legends data files, iLootGames found the following lines:

  • "RECON_PERK_DESC" - "'iRecon'0: Scanning Survey Beacons reveals the next circle's location."
  • "OFFENSE_PERK_DESC" - "‘1offense‘0: Two special inventory slots for grenades."
  • "DEFENSE_PERK_DESC_NO_VALUE" - "'1Defense'0: Restore shields to revived squadmates."
  • "DEFENSE_PERK_DES" - "'1Defense'0: Restore %s1 shields to revived squadmates."
  • "SUPPORT PERK DESC" - "'1Support'0: Find extra supplies inside blue supply bins."

Getting to rez your teammates with extra shields is normally a perk reserved for Apex Legends players lucky to find the golden backpack. Here, however, it seems as if Respawn is playing around with making the Legend roles a bit more asymmetric. 

Naturally, the community immediately expressed concern that theoretically, a domed Gibraltar with a golden backpack could be a more useful medic than Lifeline, which is a bit awkward. Extra supplies in blue supply bins is quite interesting too.

If we had to guess, Respawn are trying to remove RNG with the Deja Loot LTM as part of the System Override event, so it's not inconceivable that they're preparing to try spicing things up another way. One thing's for certain - Apex Legends is already having one heck of a 2020.

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