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Apex Legends: Respawn dive into Deja Loot, Evo Shield and System Override

Published: 19:32, 02 March 2020
Updated: 19:47, 02 March 2020
Apex Legends, Octane's knife heirloom
Apex Legends, Octane's heirloom

With just one day left until Apex Legends' System Override Collection Event starts, Respawn posted a devstream where they discussed the RNG-removing LTM Deja Loot, the already much-talked-about Evo Shield and Heirloom crafting.

Much has been said about battle royale genre's inherent obstacles to becoming a true esport, the main being the randomness of weapons and armour, or RNG as it's more commonly abbreviated. 

Naturally, Respawn did a lot of internal testing of Deja Loot and they're not just throwing it out willy-nilly. Your favourite Apex Legends guns will always be on the same spot and the only thing that will change is the ring, which will be a daily thing. 

This will let Apex Legends players map out their routes, but be aware you'll have a week to do so on each map. In case you didn't catch that - the first week of Deja Loot LTM is played on World's Edge, while the second one is on Kings Canyon, the S2 version thereof, but a week should be enough to pick your favourite spots. 

As for the Evo Shield, Apex Legends' incoming shield whose level will increase with the damage you deal, Respawn pointed out quite an interesting thing about it. Namely, taking potshots will no longer be useless or counter-productive as in the regular play, because every bit of damage counts as gaining an actual advantage for later on.

Apex Legends' new armour looks just like the basic one, except it has a halo around it, and it grants you 25 armour at first level, i.e. one bar. Doing 100 damage upgrades it to the second level, which is two bars, and the same amount ups it to the next level which is already at four bars. The final level is the red armour, which is 5 bars, so yeah, take those potshots, ladies and gents. 

EA Apex Legends weapons crate Apex Legends, System Override's permanent loot locations

Apex Legends' Bloodhound mains will have to further adapt their game with the upcoming update, as the range of their scan will increase three times, but the activation time will double. The reason for this is to make his ability more of a preemptive move, rather than a mid-fight crutch. 

Respawn heard the community's complaints in regards to Gibraltar's skills and after joking that he'll get a grappling hook as well, they reminded that his shield will be going down from 75 to 50. 

In order to address 'nade spam, Apex Legends team tried dropping grenade stacks to 1, but to compensate for that they increased base inventory size by 2 across the board. 

Apex Legends, Season 4: Assimilation, new guns, legend, ammo type and map changes

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Apex Legends, Revenant

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