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Apex Legends character Nova could be James Forge McCormick repeating

Published: 14:58, 24 June 2020
Apex Legends character Forge
Apex Legends, new character Forge

Apex Legends' Lost Treasures event has brought with it a lot of new content, while data miners took care for the upcoming stuff. Nova, whose image was found in the files, however, is a bit fishy.

Now, Respawn have proven to be quite the tricksters when announcements are in question, as they have a history of trying to throw data miners off their scent. 

You may recall that when James "Forge" McCormick was announced and killed off shortly after , the dev admitted placing his files earlier to fool those who came looking. 

At the time, Apex Legends design director Jason McCord said, "Honestly, [Forge] started as a fun way to misdirect data miners who, at the time, felt like they had solved our next legend and had ruined our surprise [...] We actually purposefully leaked fake concept art and details of Forge’s kit in patches, so there would be a bread crumb trail by the time we announced him. It's pretty insane, really. I can’t think of any other game that has gone through such hijinks."

Yesterday, the Lost Treasures Collection Event brought news of Rampart and Nova , with the first one having more code references, while Nova had a few of her own and the image you can check out below. 

Not all players are convinced we're getting both legends though, and quite a few are suspecting Respawn are throwing the Apex Legends community off. Again. 

Most Apex Legends fans are expecting that Rampart will be the first to arrive, and knowing that his files mention repairing Octane and Lifeline's drone, it's certainly appealing. Then again, either could prove to be a ringer - it all depends on how sneaky Respawn decide to get. 

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