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Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer will be 'optional'

Published: 13:20, 10 January 2017
Updated: 13:37, 10 January 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer beta testing starting soon

BioWare has decided that Mass Effect: Andromeda should, like the rest of the series, stay an experience primarily focused on singleplayer with multiplayer there to enrich, rather than burden the experience.

YouTube Mass Effect: Andromeda - Feel the burn Mass Effect: Andromeda - Feel the burn

"There's a system that we use called the Strike Team system, and fundamentally it allows you to go between singleplayer and multiplayer within the game, and it's packaged around a meta-story of what's going on in Helios", BioWare producer Mike Gamble told about a week ago.

Andromeda's multiplayer beta testing is right around the corner, as lead designer Ian Frazier confirmed in a Tweet yesterday.

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