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Dragon Ball FighterZ for Nintendo Switch has been announced

Published: 21:17, 12 June 2018
Bandai Namco Entertainment
Dragon Ball FighterZ in-game screenshot showing Gohan.
Dragon Ball FighterZ: Gohan (Adult)

Bandai Namco are bringing Dragon Ball FighterZ to Nintendo Switch and a new trailer has popped up on E3. This hairstylist nightmare compilation doesn't have an exact release date for Switch, but is expected at some point during 2018.

Dragon Ball FighterZ's non-specified release date leaves room for debate on whether it will have to fight for the market with Super Smash Bros. which is coming to Nintendo Switch on 07 December 2018. This can leave Bandai Namco with room to manoeuvre around the release date in order to maximise sales as well.

That said, gameplay footage for the Switch port should be expected sooner as the game will be playable during Nintendo's E3 booth and it is a given that someone is going to record it. On the other hand, Bandai Namco will likely show more footage themselves as parts of promotions during the port's marketing campaign. For those attending E3, you may want to try it out for yourselves in Bandai Namco's E3 booth in South Hall. The booth number is 1647.

The port is being developed by the same studio that developed the game originally - Arc System Works. It goes without saying that they're well known for their 2D fighting titles and Dragon Ball FighterZ's successful sales so far speak for themselves.

Dragon Ball FighterZ for Nintendo Switch will feature the same 3v3 battles as the base game, but the rest of the modes are not confirmed yet. Eric Hartness, the vice president of marketing at Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc., said that Nintendo Switch is "the premier portable console platform" that is powerful enough to deliver the high octane fighting and "over-the-top action Dragon Ball FighterZ is known for".

Bandai Namco Fused Zamasu is charging an attack in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Dragon Ball FighterZ

Considering that Bandai Namco stated the Dragon Ball FighterZ port to Switch will happen at some point during 2018, it will be fewer than six months of wait for Switch players. It is also quite possible that the wait will prove to be significantly shorter as Bandai Namco will definitely benefit if they release the game before Super Smash Bros. hits the shelves.

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