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AMD FSR is now in GTA V thanks to a mod

Published: 08:15, 01 July 2021
Updated: 08:19, 01 July 2021
AMD FSR vs GTA V's upscale method
AMD FSR vs GTA V's upscale method

AMD's Fidelity FX Super Resolution (FSR) is now supported in Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V thanks to a neat little mod, which drastically improves the picture quality when compared to the game's upscaling method.

Modder and Redditor NarutoUA1337 has successfully implemented AMD latest upscaling tech FSR into Grand Theft Auto V . In a comparison video, the modder showcases AMD FSR against the game's built-in upscaler and we have to say, the results are quite surprising.

AMD FSR is clearly the winner with a much sharper image when compared to the original upscaler, which delivers a blurry image, especially when you zoom in to distant objects. We've put together two screenshots above so you can see the difference. 

Additionally, here's the original video which features a lot more content and a bigger comparison.

As for the frame rate, we did not notice any improvement but that's somewhat expected since the video is comparing FSR to the built-in scaler, not native resolution. The point here is to see whether FSR is capable of producing better image quality than the game's tech and we're glad to say it clearly does.

Since the source code for AMD FSR is yet to be released to the public, the modder had to use precompiled shaders from another game, in order to make this work which is a quite smart approach.

Anyway, if you're interested in this mod, you can find it on GitHub , but keep in mind that this is not an official implementation and could result in a ban if you play GTA Online. 

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