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AMD CPU sales overtake Intel in Japan ahead of Ryzen 3000 release

Published: 07:28, 05 July 2019
Updated: 09:46, 02 October 2019
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AMD Ryzen

According to Japanese website BCN Retail, AMD scored a big win over their main rival Intel on the Japanese market. The report states that AMD took advantage of Intel's lack of CPU supply and now have 50.5 per cent of the CPU market share.

Ever since AMD introduced their brand new CPU architecture that finally brought us the great Ryzen CPUs, the market share between the company and their greatest rivals Intel has been changing a lot.

According to Japanese website BCN Retail, AMD managed to overtake Intel in CPU market share, just a few days before the release of their brand new CPU lineup Ryzen 3000. BCN Retail's data covers about 40 per cent of the Japanese market, so keep in mind that the numbers do not represent the Japanese market entirely.

BCN Retail reports that AMD now take 50.5 per cent of the CPU market as Intel dropped to 49.5 per cent. The weekly data is gathered from major home appliances stores and net shops nationwide and it shows that Intel's share of 72.1 per cent on 01 October 2018 dropped down significantly due to lack of CPU supply.

AMD clearly took advantage of this and in combination with their Ryzen CPUs, took the win for the first time in many years. BCN Retail also reports that Intel Executive Officer in Japan Akira Ida said that AMD managed to overtake Intel with their low price models, while Intel is focused on restocking high-end models such as i7 CPUs.

Whether AMD's CPU sales increase their lead on the Japanese market with the release of Ryzen 3000 CPUs, which are scheduled to arrive in just two day - 07 July 2019, remains to be seen. 

For more news about AMD, you can take a detailed look at their , which is set to introduce the world's first 7nm CPUs and 12-core CPU for desktop users. Later this year, the company will also launch another beastly part - Ryzen 3950X - a sixteen core gaming CPU.

AMD screenshot showing AMD's CEO Lisa Su presenting new Ryzen 9 CPU AMD CEO Lisa Su at E3 2019

You can read the report from BCN Retail, translated by Google .

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