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AMD announce 16-core Ryzen CPU and new Navi GPUs at E3 2019

Published: 14:02, 11 June 2019
Updated: 10:46, 02 October 2019
screenshot showing AMD's CEO Lisa Su presenting new Ryzen 9 CPU
AMD CEO Lisa Su at E3 2019

AMD officially unveiled their top of the line desktop CPU - Ryzen 9 3950X. It's a 16-core, 32-thread gaming monster, priced at $750. The release date is set for September 2019. AMD also revealed two new Navi GPUs - RX 5700 XT and RX 5700.

Just like some earlier rumours and leaks suggested, AMD's 16-core desktop CPU monster indeed exist and it's been officially announced on the company's AMD Next Horizon Gaming Event at E3 2019.

Ryzen 9 3950X packs 16 cores and 32 threads with an insane amount of cache - 72MB. Its cores and threads will require 105W of TDP and the CPU will run at 3.5 GHz base and boost up to 4.7 GHz

The company is so confident in their mammoth CPU that statements like "There’s no any reason people would buy an Intel processor after we do this" have been heard at the event.

Yes, Ryzen 9 3950X looks like a real deal but how all these specs translate to gaming performance you may ask. Well, if AMD's official slides are to be trusted, Intel's gaming advantage is finally gone and Ryzen 3000 series are beating their rivals even in some games that are traditionally favouring Intel's CPUs.

Unfortunately, AMD did not share specific slides for their newly announced CPU, but Ryzen 9 3900X is the closest in terms of specs and comparison with Intel's i9-9900k can be seen below.

The biggest and probably the most unexpected difference can be seen in CS: GO, with Ryzen reaching 429 FPS in 1080p resolution. Ryzen is also faster in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Black Ops 4 and it's matching i9-9900k in GTA V, Rocket League and Civilisation V, which are titles that used to favour Intel's CPUs.

AMD also claim that they reduced memory latency significantly, which drives gaming performance up by 21 per cent. And last but not least, all this performance comes with cooler and quieter PC, as Ryzen 3000 CPUs are 58 per cent more efficient than i9, according to AMD.

AMD screenshot showing a slide comparison between intel and amd cpus Ryzen vs Core i9

AMD also announced two new GPUs, based on 7nm Navi architecture. The RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT will both launch on the same day, which is 07 July 2019. As for the price and performance, well, RX 5700 will cost $379 and it's faster than RTX 2060, while RX 5700 XT is priced at $449 and will offer better performance than RTX 2070.

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