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Albion Online introduces changes to its open-world gameplay via Biomes

Published: 06:11, 15 October 2021
Sandbox Interactive
It almost feels as if we are in Sherwood
These woods will soon take on the hue of darkness and horror

Albion's game Director Robin Henkys brought us the news of the far-reaching biome redesign coming with the next update, which concerns the lands awakened, in Albion Online.

The next major content update for Albion Online, Lands Awakened, will bring major changes, improvements, and new features to open-world gameplay in Albion. In this video, Game Director Robin Henkys introduces the upcoming visual and structural redesigns planned for Albion's five biomes and discusses how they will affect the overall gameplay experience.

The Lands Awakened update is scheduled to release in the second half of November, after the current Energy Surge Season.

The developers have set themselves some goals to accomplish this, of course:

  • Bring open-world gameplay back to Albion Online,
  • Get players back out into the world with greatly improved Fame and treasure rewards,
  • Offer varied and exciting PvEProvide numerous opportunities for spontaneous, small- and mid-size open-world PvP,
  • Update and improve the look, feel, and layout of Albion's five biomes.

This is a major undertaking, which involves revisiting all the content that makes up the world of Albion Online.

Sandbox Interactive Albion Online - New Desert Biome Albion Online - New Desert Biome

The Lands Awakened update will bring huge visual improvements to Albion's biomes. All 15 sub-biome graphics sets, with 3 for each of the 5 biomes, will be reworked. The rework is meant to increase visual diversity in Albion’s game world, make each biome and sub-biome more unique, and increase the enjoyment of travelling through the world of Albion Online.

Each of the five biomes will have a basic theme that increases in intensity and menace in higher-tier zones, and will, hopefully, with all these changes, revitalize Albion's open-world experience.

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