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Alan Wake Remastered screenshots have appeared on Amazon UK

Published: 16:20, 09 September 2021
Amazon UK
Alan Wake Remastered screenshot
Alan Wake Remastered screenshot

A bunch of screenshots for the recently announced Alan Wake Remastered have surfaced on Amazon UK. The visual upgrade does not seem to be that significant.

Earlier this week, Remedy finally announced the Alan Wake Remastered project, which has been rumoured for quite some time. The game is coming to PC, Xbox and for the first time ever PlayStation consoles later this year with improved visuals and other enhancements.

Remedy did not share much details about the game, we didn't even get a comparison show which would give us a clearer picture at the scope of visual improvements. However, some screenshots have appeared online today thanks to a listing on Amazon UK.

There are several screenshots on the website but you probably won't notice any improvements just by looking at them so here are two identical screenshots from both the original and the remaster. The difference is certainly there - textures look sharper and lightning also seems to be improved.


Amazon UK Alan Wake Remastered Alan Wake Remastered


Remedy Alan Wake Alan Wake

While the visual upgrade is not as big as we might have hoped, Remedy never promised us a full remake in the first place so this is still better than nothing. And to be fair, there are some pretty neat improvements, you'll notice that the character model of the protagonists has received a nice makeover.

You can check out the rest of the screenshots of Alan Wake Remastered here.

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