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Remedy are working on Alan Wake 2 with Epic Games

Published: 13:42, 01 April 2021
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Alan Wake

According to Jeff Grubb, Remedy will be making Alan Wake 2 with Epic Games. The details about the project are pretty scarce at the moment but the game could be announced soon.

Alan Wake fans have been waiting for more than ten years for a sequel to Remedy Entertainment's fantastic horror game. Despite the critical acclaim and solid sales (4.5 million copies sold) Remedy never brought us a full-fledged sequel but over the last couple of years, fans have been more vocal than ever, and it looks like the game could happen after all.

Industry insider Jeff Grubb states that he's heard from his sources that Remedy will be working on Alan Wake 2 in partnership with Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite.

"I've heard that Remedy will be making Alan Wake 2 with Epic [Games]. It should be a follow up to the series that fans want. There was a bidding war and Epic had the best publishing deal and it seems like Alan Wake 2 is coming," Grubb stated in his Game Mess Show on Twitch  (11:45).

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He also added that he does not have any details about the announcement so it may take a while before we get the official reveal trailer. 

Furthermore, Grubb explained that Remedy wanted to make Alan Wake 2 for quite some time but judging from his words, they did not have the cash to fund the development so a bunch of publishers wanted to help with the project and Epic Games had the best offer, which Remedy gladly accepted. You can bet the game will be Epic Games Store exclusive on PC. 

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